Backseat Driver / Armchair Quarterback

A backseat driver is a vehicle passenger who is not controlling the vehicle and seems to be uncomfortable with the skills of the driver and/or wants to tutor the driver while the driver is at the wheel. Some backseat drivers exhibit this type of behavior simply because they feel unsafe or out of control since they are not driving the vehicle and therefore are nervous and jumpy and overly eager to give suggestions and criticism about the driver's actions.  

The term is also used allusively, for a person who gives advice and instructions about what he or she is not responsible for, and may not well understand.

Armchair quarterback is a related idiom which refers to a sports fan who seems to know better than the players themselves and is always eager to shout advice whether he/she be live at the game or more commonly sitting at home in their chair. (hence "armchair") This term can be used in many of the same situations as backseat driver.


“后排驾驶员”是描写车辆里面一个不是驾驶员的乘客,然而他(她)对驾驶员的技术不满意,或者想要在驾驶员开车的时候教教驾驶员怎么开车。有些人有这样的习惯,坐在后排觉得驾驶员开车不安全而自己又没有在开车,于是就感到紧张、 坐立不安、极力要对驾驶员的操作提出批评和建议。